Dry milling plants

Wheat, as the primary grain used for producing bakery flour and bakery products, has a rich history and tradition in human nutrition. However, besides bakery purposes, wheat is also a source of many other innovative products in food, feed, and non-food applications. The starch industry is a growing sector in Europe, and in 2021, the EU produced approximately 10.7 million tons of starch, of which approximately 61% was used for food and approximately 39% for non-food applications (VGMS Data, 2022). Various kinds of starch are produced primarily from potato, maize, and wheat. Native and modified starches, as well as glucose derivatives and gluten as a by-product, are used in many food products.

The production of wheat and pea starch is mainly done by wet separation processes out of the flour. The focus of starch flour production primarily lies in achieving the highest possible yield of starch inside the flour. Therefore, MMW has developed special “Dry Milling” diagrams for deep processing together with the most renowned research institute in this sector to fulfill the requirements of the wet technology by different suppliers. CESCO provides innovative technological solutions in grain handling, storing, and processing, including MMW Dry Milling equipment. As a competent partner in the biotechnological chain of adding value to grain and grain products, CESCO acts as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance their processing capabilities.

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Dry milling plants PRODUCTS

Plansifter PLS 04 06 08 10

Double roller mill RM 0600250 0600300 0800250 0800300 1000250 1000300

Chain conveyors CC 200 300 340 420

Chain conveyors CC 550 650 900

Bucket elevator BBE 180 280 330 370

Bucket elevator BBE 660 900 1550

Roller belt conveyor RBC 500M 650M 800M 1000M

Fully enclosed belt conveyor RBC 600E 800E 1000E 1200E

Roller belt conveyor RBC 800H 1000H 1200H 1400H

Spot filter SFHN 612 619 624

Spot filter SFVN 612 619 624

Cylindrical Hopper Silos HBS

Cylindrical Flat Bottom Silos FBS

Smooth Square Silos SSS

Corrugated Square Silos CSS

Buffer bins BBS

Magnetic separator MS 400 600 800 1000

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