CESCO Unveils State-of-the-Art Automated Sheet Metal Manufacturing Facility in Northern Italy

At CESCO EPC, we are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our cutting-edge automated sheet metal manufacturing facility, located in Northern Italy. This momentous achievement stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and precision in sheet metal production within the grain storage plant industry.

Our newly operational facility features a fully automatic punching and bending line equipped with cutting-edge robotics and sophisticated loading/unloading systems. Supplied by the renowned German manufacturer TRUMPF, this facility integrates the latest technological advancements, positioning us firmly at the forefront of modern manufacturing.

The introduction of this state-of-the-art equipment significantly enhances our capability to produce sheet metal parts with unparalleled precision and efficiency. The robotic systems and automated processes not only increase production capacity but also ensure consistency in the quality of sheet metal components.

Strategically designed, our advanced manufacturing line is specifically tailored to produce sheet metal components for conveying equipment and square silos. This development is a crucial step in meeting the growing demand for high-quality, precision-engineered components in the industry.

“We are ecstatic to unveil our new automated sheet metal manufacturing facility, which signifies a significant milestone in our pursuit of excellence,” said Dr. Martino Celeghini, CEO at CESCO EPC. “This investment in cutting-edge technology reinforces our commitment to delivering top-notch products and streamlining our production processes.”

The collaboration with TRUMPF, a renowned German supplier of industrial equipment, ensures that CESCO remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the manufacturing sector. The partnership reflects CESCO’s dedication to leveraging the best tools available to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

This latest development not only marks a technological advancement for CESCO but also sets the stage for accelerated production and swift delivery to clients. The increased efficiency and precision offered by the new equipment are integral to CESCO’s mission of providing superior solutions to its clientele.