Inland grain terminals

CESCO offers a comprehensive product portfolio for modern reception and processing plants at inland grain terminals. Our range includes intake pits with dust extractors, a variety of conveying systems, buffer silos with flexible loading and unloading options for truck or rail, pre-cleaners, dryers, and modular round silos in different versions, heights, and capacities. Our train and truck outloading systems are designed for fast and efficient loading of grain onto rail cars or trucks, with high accuracy and minimal loss of product.

Our highly skilled engineering team designs, customizes, and optimizes solutions, taking into account investment costs, depreciation, scheduling, and technical requirements. Whether it’s for grain traders, mills, malt houses, food and animal feed industries, farmers, seed growers, or plant breeders, our principle of “Everything in one hand” offers many advantages for developing the optimum project solution for every customer.

With CESCO, you can trust that we will provide appropriate technologies to optimize your processes, increase efficiency, and meet tight time schedules. Choose CESCO for a complete solution to your inland grain terminal needs.

Inland grain terminals REFERENCES

Inland grain terminals PRODUCTS

Chain conveyors CC 200 300 340 420

Chain conveyors CC 550 650 900

Bucket elevator BBE 180 280 330 370

Bucket elevator BBE 660 900 1550

Roller belt conveyor RBC 500M 650M 800M 1000M

Fully enclosed belt conveyor RBC 600E 800E 1000E 1200E

Roller belt conveyor RBC 800H 1000H 1200H 1400H

Spot filter SFHN 612 619 624

Spot filter SFVN 612 619 624

Cylindrical Hopper Silos HBS

Cylindrical Flat Bottom Silos FBS

Smooth Square Silos SSS

Corrugated Square Silos CSS

Buffer bins BBS

Magnetic separator MS 400 600 800 1000