Martino Celeghini delivers the Keynote Address on Silo Design and Construction at the IAOM MEA Regional Milling Forum

Martino Celeghini, CEO of CESCO EPC GmbH, shared valuable insights at the IAOM MEA Regional Milling Forum, shedding light on crucial aspects of silo design and operation in industrial storage plants. With a keen focus on enhancing food security through efficient grain storage, Celeghini’s presentation explored various considerations from soil evaluation to operational safety measures.

The discussion commenced by emphasizing the pivotal role of grain storage in ensuring food security. Traditional methods, such as using gunny bags in warehouses, were deemed inadequate due to losses attributed to rodents, grain deterioration, and pilferage. Celeghini highlighted modern storage facilities as offering comprehensive solutions to safeguard grains and address food security concerns effectively.

Throughout the presentation, key factors influencing silo design were thoroughly examined. Soil evaluation, including deep-water level analysis, was emphasized to optimize excavation and foundation costs. Celeghini also highlighted the significance of local regulations, particularly structural calculations for wind and seismic loads, in shaping design and investment costs.

The importance of integrated plant design in silo operations was underscored, with Celeghini emphasizing structural, architectural, and management design criteria as foundational elements for successful investments. Additionally, functional and operational design considerations, such as process flow, product nature, and automation levels, were outlined to ensure optimal performance.

Various types of silos, including raw material and process silos, were explored, with Celeghini discussing the advantages of different bottom designs concerning investment, loading cycles, and contamination risks.

Operational measures for safe storage were thoroughly examined, encompassing FIFO (First In, First Out) management, regular monitoring, effective cleaning, and pest control. Celeghini highlighted strategies for maintaining proper moisture content, controlling temperature, and implementing monitoring systems to ensure material integrity and safety.

The presentation concluded with a call for integrated design approaches that consider both silos and steel structures, aiming to optimize static cooperation, simplify foundation design, and reduce unnecessary costs.

This insightful address by Martino Celeghini reaffirms CESCO’s commitment to innovation and excellence in industrial storage solutions, further solidifying its position as a leader in the field.

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