Bucket elevator BBE 180 280 330 370

CESCO bucket elevators BBE are designed with a flexible concept and modular design, for the gentle vertical bulk conveying of grain, grist, pellets, and granular products in general. They realize the completely closed conveying of the product, with zero loss during the conveying, easy cleaning, maintenance, and safety during operation thanks the fully bolted system used.

They have been designed with particular attention to the rounded shape of the drive and tensioning station, in order to limit wear on the casings, extend the lifetime of the machine and limit product deposits at the end of the conveying process.

CESCO has developed a special type of low-speed bucket elevators in any standard size that can be used for all applications that require a very “gentle” treatment of the product to limit breakage and preserve the integrity of individual grains in the product.

General characteristics

  • Drive station completely self-cleaning.
  • Tensioning station with screw belt tensioning system and on demand with spring-loaded tensioning system to be able to ensure the correct tension of the belt at any time.
  • Hinged doors on both sides allow easy complete cleaning of the tensioning station.
  • Fully outboard supports for both drive and tensioning shaft, allowing for easy bearing maintenance.
  • The drum of both the drive and the tensioning station can be pulled out without dismounting the housing
  • Leg casing designed for self-supporting assembly of the elevator and equipped with bolted doors allowing easy installation and maintenance of the buckets.

Projects wich has set up this product

Astara, Georgia

San Fermo di Piubega, Italy

Doha, Qatar

Belgorod, Russian Federation

Kaluga, Russian Federation

Jampol, Ukraine

Dubai, United Arab Emirates