Buffer bins BBS

CESCO Buffer Bin Silos BBS, is a modern and efficient silo system that is used as a dosing, mixing and buffer cell for granular, free flowing products. It is realized with a compact and closed modular design with fully bolted technology, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and has a high level of protection against corrosion thanks to the galvanization coating.

The square silo consists of ring elements screwed together with a dimension of 2.000 mm or 2.500 mm for a maximum height up to 6 m (10 ring elements). Or with a dimension of 3.000 mm for a maximum height up to 4,2 m. Thanks to the modular design, the silo dimensions can be designed individually.

Each silo is equipped with a bolted outlet hopper fixed on supports of appropriate height.

Projects wich has set up this product

Astara, Georgia

Belgorod, Russian Federation

Kaluga, Russian Federation

Jampol, Ukraine

Haryana, India

Duala, Cameroun


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