Corrugated Square Silos CSS

CESCO Corrugated Square Silos CSS, is a modern and efficient silo system for storing grain, maize, pellets and other granular, free- flowing materials. Their main advantages are:

  • Compact and closed modular design with fully bolted technology
  • Easy erection and transportation
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • High level of protection against corrosion thanks to the complete coating of the cavities in the double-walled elements
  • Various coating solutions (painted, galvanized) or stainless steel material available for the internal and external surfaces

The silo cells in the modular design can be set-up as a silo battery in a row or as a block with different heights and capacities. The silo block can be integrated in the steel structures of machine houses or mill buildings.

The silo consists of double wall elements screwed together. Each wall element is equipped with a lateral structure that forms a quarter beam. Four double wall elements create together a hollow beam, which can be filled with concrete once the installation is complete. This in turn ensures high rigidity of the silo. Every silo cell is equipped with a bolted outlet hopper with a round or slot-shaped outlet.

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