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The roller mill is a crucial machine in any milling plant, primarily used for grinding various grains, including wheat, into flour and bran. It consists of horizontal rollers, which are available in two different diameters, 250 mm or 300 mm, and two different finishing options: smooth or striped. Each side of the roller mill can be adjusted independently to allow separate grinding of different fractions. The mill has a cast iron frame and can be finished in food-grade paint coating or stainless steel.

General characteristics

  • Modern design and low construction height.
  • Easy handling and maintenance.
  • Automatic monitoring and regulation of the product stream.
  • Ability to change rollers as a packet or individually.
  • Improved sanitation.
  • Product discharging can be either pneumatically or by gravity.
  • Product contact parts are made of stainless steel.
  • ATEX conformity available on request.

Application area

  • Milling of wheat, rye, triticale, spelt, and other types of grain.
  • Processing of additional products for the food industry, such as spices and tea.
  • Gentle milling in stages for the chemical industry and other sectors of the processing industry.

Principle of operation

The product stream enters the feed shaft through the intake and is fed into the milling gap through the feed rollers and the feed guide device. Depending on the mill’s field of application, the product in the milling gap between the two rollers is ground, shredded, or crushed by shearing and/or compression. The milling capacity and effect are determined by the length and diameter of the rollers, their surface characteristics, their peripheral speed, and the size of the milling gap.

Projects wich has set up this product

Belgorod, Russian Federation

Kaluga, Russian Federation

Duala, Cameroun