Fully enclosed belt conveyor RBC 600E 800E 1000E 1200E

CESCO Roller Belt Conveyors are designed with a flexible and modular concept, allowing for gentle horizontal or slightly inclined conveying of cereals, meals, pellets, and various granular products. These conveyors ensure completely sealed product conveyance, with zero loss during transport, easy cleaning, maintenance, and operational safety thanks to the comprehensive bolted system utilized.

The fully enclosed version RBCE is designed specifically for situations demanding a dust-free environment. This conveyor system fully encases its components, effectively eliminating dust emissions and safeguarding grains from external contaminants. Ideal for grain collection facilities, grain terminals, ship loading/unloading, and various grain processing applications, the RBCE transport transoms are fitted with three independent cylindrical idlers for high reliability and easy maintenance, which can be exchanged from outside the conveyor. With a wide range of available belt sizes, it can transport up to 1000 tons per hour, making it the efficient and clean solution for your material handling needs.

General characteristics

  • Fully covered and enclosed design.
  • Dust-emission free operation.
  • Protection from moisture and environmental influences.
  • Drive station equipped with belt scrapers and dust collection hopper and transport system.
  • Tail station equipped with screw tensioning device of the belt up to 60 m length, and with additional 750 mm case for belt tensioning for longer lengths.
  • Material return by special hopper and dedicated tubular spiral conveyer.
  • Belt running on 3-rolls transoms and permanently cleaned by internal and external belt scrapers.
  • Watertight external top cover realized by hot dip galvanized steel sheet, suitable for outside installation and fixed by bolts.

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