Magnetic separator MS 400 600 800 1000

In grain storage plants, magnetic separators play a crucial role in safeguarding machinery and ensuring the quality of the final product by removing ferrous impurities that may be present in the grains. These impurities can originate from various sources, such as worn-out metallic parts from agricultural machinery, nails, screws, or other metallic objects that might have accidentally mixed with the grains during harvesting, transportation, or storage.

The basic operating principle of magnetic separators involves generating a magnetic field that attracts ferrous particles, effectively separating them from the flow of grains.

CESCO Magnetic Separators are available in different dimensions and operation modes (manual, pneumatic, electric) to accommodate various grain flow rates, expected sizes of ferrous particles, and different maintenance requirements.

  • Operates on magnetic attraction through permanent magnets; no external power source necessary.
  • Constructed with non-magnetic stainless steel.
  • Components susceptible to wear due to product friction can be individually replaced from the exterior.
  • Efficiently protects equipment from potential damage by metallic foreign objects.
  • Removes unwanted ferrous particles and prevents product contamination.
  • Available in various widths, with capacities ranging from 400 t/h to 1000 t/h.
  • Manual, pneumatic, or electric drive options.
  • Optional automatic cleaning for seamless integration into automated production lines.

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