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The plansifter is a highly efficient sorting machine that is commonly used to separate products from various roller mills or grinders. It operates in a circular motion in a horizontal plane, with the product flowing from top to bottom through a path known as the sieve channel. As the product drizzles down, only a portion of it passes through the sieves while the rest remains on the screen cloth.

General characteristics

The plansifter is characterized by the following features:

  • High specific throughput capacity
  • Robust casing made of steel sheet
  • Sieves designed in various executions for special product guidance
  • Optimal sieve area allows for up to 4 fractions to be obtained from each sieve compartment
  • Wear-resistant coating on surfaces in contact with the product
  • Integrated sieve cleaning
  • Replaceable insertion sieves that can be covered with silk cloth, wire cloth, or perforated sheets
  • Mechanical tightening of the sieve stack for simple installation
  • ATEX conformity available upon request.

Application area

The plansifter is commonly used in the following applications:

  • Separating intermediate grinding products into different fractions in flour mills
  • Post-sifting of powder and control sifting of finished powder
  • Sorting granular to powdery products such as special grain, wood fibers, rubber powder, and others.

Principle of operation

The plansifter operates on the principle of a centrifugal mass that rotates inside the machine and generates a lifting movement. Modifications to the centrifugal mass can affect the sifting effect and the lifting movement. The relative movement between the sieves and the product is caused by the lifting movement, which results in the separation of the products according to the mesh size of the sieves.

Projects wich has set up this product

Belgorod, Russian Federation

Kaluga, Russian Federation

Duala, Cameroun