Platform and Ladders

CESCO offers a comprehensive range of standard steel platforms designed by SIMEZA for inspection purposes of the silo and conveying equipment or as rest platforms along the stairs/ladders to comply with safety regulations.

The filling of silos occurs through the inlet of the central dome of the roof via gravity piping or with an overhead conveyor, which requires safe access to the area. The inspection of the stored product is performed through the inspection hatch installed at the roof eave, which also requires safe access. It is essential to equip each silo storage plant with stairs or ladders that allow safe and quiet access to the overhead conveyor bridge or inspection platforms.

SIMEZA manufacturing range of stairs and ladders includes a variety of options. Stairs are equipped with both side handrails and resting platforms, designed according to EN ISO 14122-4:2004, and are manufactured with S-250GD hot dip galvanized warm rolled steel profiles. They are typically supported by an independent steel structure or by the elevator tower. Stairs are designed and installed to be the main access for the entire conveyor bridge system of the plant and to prevent individual access to the various elevated platforms of the plant.

Ladders are equipped with safety cages and resting platforms designed according to EN ISO 14122-4:2004, manufactured with S-250GD Z600 galvanized steel sheet. They are usually anchored to the silo wall or the post of the conveyor bridge. Ladders are primarily installed for rare use and as emergency exits.

Finally, spiral stairs are directly supported by the silo wall, allowing quiet access to the individual silo eave but not to the overhead conveyor bridge. With SIMEZA’s comprehensive range of stairs and ladders, customers can rest assured that they are complying with safety regulations and providing safe access to their silo storage plants.

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Aahrus, Denmark

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Jampol, Ukraine

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