Spot filter SFVN 612 619 624

The CESCO EPC spot filter SFVN is a miniature jet filter that can be used for immediate extraction and filtration of dust in horizontal or vertical conveying systems.

The CESCO EPC spot filter SFVN is designed for direct installation on closed or semi-closed machines for instant dust extraction and filtration and has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the EC Directive 2006/42/EC.

General characteristics

  • The large suction cross-section keeps the air velocity low.
  • Each filter hose can be cleaned separately.
  • Easy filter bag change through large inspection door.
  • Can be connected to a large central fan.
  • Optionally, the fan can be supplied with a silencer for the exhaust air
  • The filter bags are automatically cleaned by the electronic control.
  • The compressed air is supplied by standard compressed-air system, with the condition to be oil-free and dehumidified.
  • The pressure is reduced by the reducing valve in front of the compressed-air inlet.
  • All components including the fan are galvanized.

Principle of operation

The spot filter removes a small amount of air from the working machine, creating a slight negative pressure inside that prevents dust particles from escaping through leaks or openings.

The fan generates the required differential pressure and sucks dust-laden air through the filter section mounted directly on the machine and discharges the cleaned air through a pipe exhaust.

The filter bags are cleaned by an electronic control with an adjustable cleaning time.

The electronic control gives an impulse to one of the membrane valves at the compressed-air inlet.

The valve sends a short, but powerful burst of compressed air into the filter bag, part “bumping” and part blowing the dust away, trapping the dust on the outside of the filter sleeves and then returning it the product flow.

Projects wich has set up this product

Doha, Qatar

Belgorod, Russian Federation

Kaluga, Russian Federation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Alexandria, Egypt

Jazan, Saudi Arabia