Strategic cooperation agreement between TORNUM and CESCO

Luca Celeghini, MD, Cesco EPC and Nicklas Margård, CEO, Tornum Group

Tornum Group, a leading global player in the agricultural industry, and Cesco EPC, an international contractor specialising in large-scale industrial investments in inland and port grain terminals, are pleased to announce the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement. This agreement includes the acquisition of Silos Metálicos Zaragoza S.L.U. (Simeza), a prominent manufacturing company specialising in storage solutions, by Tornum, and the exclusive distribution within selected global markets by Cesco.

This strategic move marks a significant step forward in Tornum’s journey towards becoming an even stronger system and comprehensive supplier in the European and global agricultural markets and in Cesco’s journey focusing even more on the design of high-capacity conveying equipment and engineering solutions for large industrial grain terminals.

Tornum Group’s CEO, Nicklas Margård, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition: “We are very pleased to welcome Simeza to the Tornum Group. Siemza is a well-managed company with a leading market position that opens new opportunities. This strategic fit enables us to combine Cesco’s strengths, backed by decades of experience executing projects worldwide, with Tornum’s extensive network and commitment to excellence. Together, we are well positioned to capitalise on growth opportunities in the agricultural industry and provide our customers with an even broader range of innovative solutions tailored to their evolving needs.”

Luca Celeghini, Managing Director of Cesco EPC, added, “After a lifetime dedicated to developing the concept of silos as a fundamental component of storage technology, culminating in the improvement of product design and manufacturing technology at Simeza, I am pleased to hand over the company to Tornum for its further development in the global market. I will be focusing on enhancing Cesco’s engineering solutions for industrial storage plants and leading the design and manufacturing of its high-capacity, heavy-duty conveying systems.”

This partnership will empower both Tornum Group and Cesco EPC to jointly deliver innovative solutions to the global agricultural and grain logistic market, reaffirming their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

About Cesco EPC

Cesco EPC, is an internationally operating German company based in Konstanz. Cesco EPC specialises in designing and supplying industrial plants for grain logistics and deep processing, with expertise in handling, storing, and milling systems. 

About Tornum Group

Tornum Group is a leading provider of solutions for the agricultural industry, offering innovative and sustainable products and services. With a focus on international growth and customer satisfaction, Tornum Group is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of the agricultural market.

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